For those with dry eye symptoms, you might be hoping that you can find relief without medical treatment. In many cases, you can find dry eye relief at home. However, some cases of dry eye syndrome are more severe, and leaving persistent dry eye symptoms untreated can lead to further health issues.

Keep reading to learn more about the risks of leaving dry eyes untreated and why you should consider Lipiflow for dry eyes in McAllen.

Reduced Quality of Life

First, dry eye syndrome can seriously impact a person’s quality of life. From the pain and discomfort of the condition to avoiding activities that you know will trigger your symptoms, there are many different ways that dry eyes can impact your ability to live life to the fullest. That’s why, if you’re suffering from dry eye symptoms, you should talk to your McAllen eye doctor about Lipiflow.

Corneal Damage

Next, an eye that isn’t properly lubricated can be susceptible to corneal damage. When dry eye syndrome reduces the level of water, oil, and mucus in the tear film, the outermost cells of the cornea can become damaged over time. This damage is known as corneal erosion. While corneal erosion can be easily treated if caught early, it can develop into a serious vision issue.

Contact Lens Issues

If you commonly suffer from dry eye symptoms, you may begin to find it difficult to wear contact lenses. Without sufficient lubrication on the surface of the eye, contact lenses can become uncomfortable or even painful. If your dry eye symptoms are interfering with your ability to comfortably wear contacts, consider seeing a McAllen ophthalmologist for Lipiflow.


While dry eyes typically don’t cause headaches on their own, they can make headaches worse. Evidence has shown that dry eye syndrome can make migraines last significantly longer. Those with dry eye syndrome may also be more likely to feel effects leading up to a migraine, known as a migraine aura.

Vision Loss

In most cases, dry eye syndrome won’t cause long-term damage to the eye with proper treatment. However, in some rare instances, severe dry eye symptoms can lead to vision loss. This is due to the damage caused to the eye by a lack of lubrication. If your dry eye symptoms include blurry vision, it’s time to see your McAllen eye doctor for treatment.

Get Dry Eye Relief With Lipiflow in McAllen From Gelman Vision

If you have dry eye syndrome, you may need treatment to find relief. If your dry eye symptoms persist, you could be at risk of further complications. If you want to relieve your dry eye symptoms, talk to your McAllen ophthalmologist about Lipiflow

Lipiflow is a non-invasive treatment that gently massages the eyes to break up the blockages preventing tear production.

Stop living your life with the discomfort of dry eye syndrome. Come see your McAllen eye doctors at Gelman Vision for Lipiflow dry eye treatment.

Ready for dry eye relief? Come see your McAllen ophthalmologist for Lipiflow dry eye treatment.

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