Do you struggle with reading a book that is right in front of you or a sign across the street due to poor eyesight? Refractive eye lens exchange (RLE) surgery might be the key to solving your nearsighted or farsighted vision problems. 

Refractive lens exchange surgery can help correct your vision, but it’s important to be sure that it’s the right treatment for you. Before you book your appointment with Gelman Vision, keep reading to learn more about refractive lens exchange side effects. 

What Is Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery?

Refractive lens exchange surgery is a method used to treat refractive errors. The surgery treats nearsighted and farsighted eyesight to decrease your daily need to wear glasses or contacts. 

Each eye only requires 7-10 minutes to complete the surgical procedure.

During the surgery, your Gelman Vision doctor will microscopically create a tiny incision to remove the natural lens of your eye and replace it with the correct intraocular lens, which will be chosen based on previous evaluations from your doctor. After the surgery, your vision will become clearer. 

What Are the Side Effects of Refractive Lens Exchange?

When you have RLE surgery, the procedure should take at most 30 minutes, and then you’re on the road to having clearer vision. While your eyes are recovering, you will more than likely experience blurry vision after refractive lens exchange surgery for a couple of days. This is something that you shouldn’t be too concerned about, as it’s completely normal.

Other short-term side effects also might occur while you’re recovering, including:

  • Double vision
  • Dry or gritty eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Glares

These side effects don’t typically last long, and some can even be addressed with the help of eye drops. If you’re concerned about the recovery process after refractive lens surgery, doctors at Gelman Vision can assist you in managing these side effects. 

How Safe Is Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery? 

Just like any other surgery, there are potential risks and complications with refractive lens exchange. However, the results have shown the procedure has a high success rate and is one of the safest forms of surgery you can have.  The team at Gelman Vision works to give you the best possible care to help give you clear vision back. Schedule an appointment with us to decide if RLE surgery is the right fit for you. 

Refractive Lens Exchange at Gelman Vision

If you’re ready to start seeing life more clearly, refractive lens exchange surgery can help you say goodbye to your glasses and contact lenses. Refractive lens exchange is just one of our solutions, alongside other procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery, that we provide to restore our patients’ vision. 

Take the next step to clearer eyesight today and book an appointment at Gelman Vision to learn which eye vision correction treatment is best for you. 

Ready to start seeing more clearly? Come see a McAllen eye doctor at Gelman Vision to learn if refractive lens exchange is right for you.

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