Dry eyes syndrome can cause serious discomfort and even pain for sufferers. Thankfully, there is hope for dry eye relief. If you’ve been struggling with eye pain, itchy eyes, or distorted vision, PROKERA® for dry eyes can make a difference.

Keep reading to learn more about PROKERA® for dry eyes and what you can expect from treatment from your McAllen ophthalmologist at Gelman Vision.


The PROKERA® lens is a kind of bandage that’s placed over your eye to facilitate healing and protect against further injury. The lens is made up of an amniotic membrane supported by a poly-carbonate frame, and it looks a bit like a large contact lens. The amniotic membrane lens is formulated using donated placental tissue, and each lens goes through rigorous testing before use. Amniotic tissue has antibacterial and healing properties that help restore eye health.

How Much Does PROKERA® Cost?

The cost you’ll pay for PROKERA® treatment will vary depending on your circumstances. For those with insurance, you may be able to have your treatment covered if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. 

For those without insurance or those whose insurance won’t cover the treatment, you may see a price of around $2,000. Keep in mind that you may have other financing options.

Getting PROKERA® Dry Eyes Relief

To get relief using PROKERA® for dry eyes, you will undergo a procedure in our office. The amniotic membrane lens is placed carefully over the cornea of your eye, similar to how a contact is used. The healing factors within the membrane will then start to stimulate the eye tissue. You can expect to wear the PROKERA® amniotic membrane lens for about three to five days. You’ll need to follow specific PROKERA® aftercare directions during this time to ensure the best results. 

You may experience some side effects, including vision discomfort and cloudy vision.

How Long Does PROKERA® for Dry Eyes Last?

The actual treatment time for PROKERA® for dry eyes is between three and five days, but it will take longer for the full effects of the treatment to be seen. Usually, patients see optimum results about 45 days after treatment. For a small number of patients, a second treatment may be necessary to get results. Studies have shown that PROKERA® can have a positive impact on eye health for those with eye conditions for years after treatment.

Get Relief From Eye Pain With PROKERA® for Dry Eyes

Dealing with dry eye symptoms can seriously impact our ability to function and enjoy life, but you don’t have to suffer without hope. PROKERA® for dry eyes can offer significant relief from your pain.

If you’re suffering from dry eye symptoms, come see the best McAllen eye doctors at Gelman Vision for care. Our highly experienced ophthalmologist can help you find a treatment solution that works for you.

If you’re ready to get relief from your dry eye symptoms, come see the best McAllen eye doctors at Gelman Vision to learn if PROKERA® for dry eyes is right for you.

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