LASIK surgery uses highly accurate light energy to reshape your cornea and improve your eyesight. See an immediate difference in your vision after a speedy procedure.

While cataract surgery used to be a difficult procedure, it’s now more convenient than ever, offering patients relief from cloudy, dim vision and other sight issues.

Your cornea needs to be in good condition for you to see clearly. If damage to your cornea can’t be healed, a corneal transplant can offer a solution.

Refractive Lens Exchange vision correction surgery uses ultrasound to remove and replace the natural lens of the eye, minimizing the need for glasses or contacts.

Keratoconus involves a weakening of the cornea, leading to corneal irregularities. Cross-linking is a multi-approach treatment that helps strengthen the cornea.

Protein, fat, and calcium that gets into our eyes can cause build-ups that may develop into a pterygium. These fleshy growths sometimes require surgery for removal.

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