Let’s face it, all types of medical care can be expensive, and insurance coverage isn’t always accessible. If you’re in need of medical care with a price tag that’s higher than you can afford right now, there may be healthcare financing available to make that medical treatment accessible.

One tool that can help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses is CareCredit. Here at Gelman Vision, we accept CareCredit to make our services attainable for all our patients. Keep reading to learn more about what CareCredit is and how it works.

What Is Care Credit?

CareCredit is a form of healthcare financing that functions as a credit card that you can use to pay for medical procedures. CareCredit can be used for a wide variety of medical care, from doctor and dentist visits to specialists and veterinary care. This healthcare credit is accepted at more than 260,000 locations, and you can use it repeatedly for ongoing medical expenses. You may also qualify for promotional financing options. CareCredit partners include Walmart, Walgreens, GoodRx, and many more.

You can use your CareCredit for any medical treatment, including cosmetic and elective procedures. If your treatment isn’t covered by insurance, CareCredit may be a great alternative option.

How To Get Started With CareCredit

Before you can use CareCredit, you’ll need to go through the proper application and approval process. Approval is dependent upon your credit score. You can follow these three easy steps on CareCredit’s website to get approved:

  1. Apply online or by phone
  2. Get an instant decision
  3. Start using your CareCredit card

Keep in mind that applying for CareCredit will not impact your credit score. You can apply without concern. You must be 18 or older to apply online and 21 or older to apply by phone. You will need a printed copy of the credit card agreement to apply by phone. Check out CareCredit’s site to learn more.

About CareCredit Financing Options

For purchases of $200 or more, you may not be charged interest on your CareCredit card as long as you’re keeping up with monthly payments. CareCredit financing is available in short-term and long-term pay periods, ranging from 6 months to 60 months, with monthly payment amounts being fixed until the pay period is up. You may be eligible for lower rates for shorter pay periods. To get specific information regarding rates, you will need to call or use the CareCredit website.

Are There Any Drawbacks to CareCredit?

The first drawback to CareCredit is that you need to get approval based on your credit score. This means it may not be the best option for those with poor credit or no credit. CareCredit is also different from insurance in that you will have to pay back the money that you spend. In that way, CareCredit comes with some of the same sorts of drawbacks as other credit cards. It’s important to do your research before making financial decisions.

Get Affordable Eye Care at Gelman Vision

If you’re in need of medical care that isn’t covered by your insurance, or you are uninsured, it can be difficult to afford the cost of care. CareCredit makes treatment attainable by providing healthcare financing to patients.

Don’t miss out on healthcare that you need just because it isn’t covered by insurance. Check out CareCredit, and come see us at Gelman Vision to learn about our affordable treatment options.

If you’re looking for affordable eye care in McAllen, come see a highly experienced ophthalmologist at Gelman Vision.

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