There are a variety of eye doctors and each offers a unique set of services. The two most common types of eye doctors are optometrists and ophthalmologists. If you’re struggling with vision problems, you might be wondering which type of doctor you need to visit. 

Keep reading to learn more about what optometrists do, what ophthalmologists do, and how to decide which eye doctor is right for you from your McAllen ophthalmologists at Gelman Vision.

What Does an Optometrist Do?

An optometrist is an eye doctor who examines the eyes, and diagnoses and treats eye disorders and diseases. Optometrists function as primary health providers for vision. Usually, you will go to an optometrist for the following services:

  • Vision tests
  • Eye exams
  • Monitor eye health
  • Manage and treat common conditions
  • Vision aids
  • Vision therapy

What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

An ophthalmologist can conduct many of the same procedures as an optometrist, along with a range of additional specialized care. Ophthalmologists have to go through several more years of training and study compared to optometrists. You might see an ophthalmologist for the following services:

  • Vision tests
  • Eye exams
  • Diagnosis and treatment for eye issues caused by other conditions, including arthritis or diabetes
  • Medical eye care for glaucoma, chemical burns, iritis, and other conditions
  • Surgical eye care for glaucoma, cataracts, injury, crossed eyes, and other issues
  • Vision correction surgery

How to Choose the Right Eye Doctor for You

To decide which type of eye doctor you need, you need to determine whether you need regular care or specialist care. If you have a health condition that puts your eyes at risk, or you’re dealing with a complex or severe vision problem, you should consider scheduling an appointment with an ophthalmologist. 

On the other hand, if you need general vision care, you might prefer to schedule an appointment with an optometrist. Sometimes, your optometrist might refer you to an ophthalmologist for more specialized care. You can also call ahead to ask whether or not an ophthalmologist visit is what you need.

Once you’ve determined which type of eye doctor you need, you can choose the right one by asking friends, family, and your doctor for recommendations.

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