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For some people, glasses and contacts are a huge headache. You often have to replace them, and they can be easy to lose. If you wear glasses and are frustrated with the hassle, you might be looking into other options to improve your vision.

If you’ve been talking with your McAllen vision specialist, they may have advised you to try LASIK. The procedure is safe and can improve your vision, but going to the best LASIK eye surgeon isn’t exactly cheap! 

While the price may have given you some sticker shock, it can be a big investment with a massive payoff. Here are some reasons why you should consider committing to surgery at a LASIK cornea & cataract specialty center.

1. Save Money on Contacts and Glasses

While LASIK may seem pricey, it can be more cost-effective than constantly having to buy contacts or glasses over time. Contacts cost an average of $200-$500 per year, and glasses can range from $100 to $1,000 per pair. Plus, you’ll need to replace glasses if they’re lost or damaged. 

2. Financing for LASIK: You Have Options

You can make a procedure at a LASIK cornea & cataract specialty center affordable — you just need to consider financing. For instance, you can use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA) to make LASIK more affordable by paying for it with money that won’t be taxed.

Lenders like CareCredit also offer payment plans, including interest-free options. Ask your McAllen eye doctor about available financing options. You may also qualify to put no money down!

3. LASIK Has Few Downsides

LASIK does carry some risks like any surgery, however, complications tend to be uncommon. Many studies have found patient satisfaction to be high even though some patients may find their night vision a bit worse. This study found 98.5% of patients reporting that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their LASIK procedure.

4. The Best LASIK Eye Surgeons Can Get the Vision Results You Want

The same study on the effectiveness of LASIK found that most patients were with 1.00 diopters of their targeted correction. This means about 99% of patients enjoyed 20/40 or better vision. If you want to ditch your glasses or just use a lower prescription, LASIK is an excellent option for many people.

5. Reduce Your Visits to Your McAllen Eye Doctor

After LASIK, you can expect fewer visits to your eye care specialist as you won’t need to replace your glasses or contact lenses as frequently. You will still need to check your eye health, but a simple checkup is much cheaper and faster than getting a new prescription. 

6. Enjoy a More Active Life With Fewer Restrictions

While glasses and contacts can be helpful, they also have their downsides. Glasses can easily break since they are relatively fragile, while contacts can lead to dry eyes or infections. Additionally, wearing glasses or contacts during workouts can be difficult, and you may need to constantly monitor your glasses or worry about your contacts falling out. Traveling with glasses or contacts can also be stressful, adding to the overall inconvenience.

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