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Understanding Refractive Surgery

“Should I Get LASIK?” - Dr. Rachel Gelman Explains

Dry Eyes: Dealing With the Disease

Seeing the Beauty of Light Adjustable Lens Technology

Discussing Age-Related Macular Degineration

The Basics of Fuchs’ Dystrophy

How Makeup Can Affect Your Vision

Blepharoptosis: The Essentials About Droopy Eyelids

How Ophthalmologists Get Trained

What Is Glaucoma? Dr. Rachel Gelman Discusses

Sept 14, 2023

Sept 07, 2023

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Seeing Clearly: Discussing Light-Adjustable Lenses

Clear Lens: Diving Into Cataract Surgery

Diabetes and Your Vision

On the air with Newstalk 710 KURV, Dr. Rachel Gelman answers a question from a local provider who wanted more information about the prevention and treatment of eye issues related to Diabetes. Dr. Gelman discusses the importance of maintaining a good diet and active lifestyle.

Insights On Lenses, Cataracts, & Other Eye Issues

Speaking with Newstalk 710 KURV, Dr. Gelman explains the two lenses that make up the eye, how those lenses work, and how they’re affected by cataracts and other eye issues. According to Dr. Gelman, cataracts can affect your vision in a variety of ways, from cloudiness and blurry vision to yellowing and dim vision.

Vision and Blood Sugar: Exploring Diabetes-Related Eye Issues

On Newstalk 710 KURV’s vision segment, Dr. Rachel Gelman discusses the eye issues that impact those with Diabetes, a condition associated with high blood sugar that affects all parts of the eye. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common eye problem related to Diabetes, but Dr. Gelman describes other common issues as well.

In Focus: A Journey Through Corrective Vision Solutions

During her segment on Newstalk 710 KURV, Dr. Rachel Gelman describes different kinds of corrective vision surgery available for those with vision issues. Explaining the process of corneal lens transplants and light-adjustable lens replacement, Dr. Gelman explored one potential risk posed by the surgery.

Contact Care: Dr. Gelman on Hygiene and Eye Health

On Newstalk 710 KURV, Dr. Gelman discussed what it means to be a board-certified ophthalmologist, the importance of eye health, and the health warning signs your eyes can give. Dr. Gelman also discussed contact hygiene and how important it is to carefully maintain your contacts.

Amniotic Membrane Solutions in Eye Care

During her usual Newstalk 710 KURV segment, Dr. Gelman describes the amniotic membrane, the innermost layer of the placenta, and explores how the tissue is used in healthcare. She discusses a few of the ways amniotic membrane tissue can be used to treat eye issues, including dry eye and infections.

Seeing Clearly: Discussing General Eye Health

On her weekly Newstalk 710 KURV segment, Dr. Gelman goes over general eye health and healthy eye practices. From wearing contacts to itching your eye, Dr. Gelman explores a few of the everyday behaviors we take that make a big difference to our eye health.

March 23, 2023

Speaking with Newstalk 710 KURV, Dr. Gelman discusses dry eye and how it can impact those with the condition. Describing the significant challenges dry eye can cause in everyday life, Dr. Gelman explores how to react to dry eye symptoms, including advising sufferers to avoid redness-relieving eyedrops.

A Dry Spell: Exploring Dry Eyes

Exploring Light Adjustable Lens Technology

Crystal Clear: Exploring Refractive Surgery Options

LASIK 101: The ABCs of Laser Eye Surgery

An Eye on Health: Breaking Down Cataracts

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