How Long Does LASIK Last?

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If you’re looking for a permanent vision correction solution, LASIK eye surgery is a great option. LASIK can provide powerful vision correction for those with problems seeing far away or close up. Still, if you’re deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure, it’s important to understand just how long you can expect the results to last.

Keep reading to learn more about the LASIK vision correction surgery and how long LASIK corrections last.

A person undergoing LASIK eye surgery

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK eye surgery is a type of refractive surgery, meaning it is meant to correct issues in how your eyes refract light. Refractive errors LASIK can be used to treat include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK enhancement surgery works by using special light energy to reshape your cornea. LASIK surgery can correct vision by increasing or decreasing the curvature of the cornea. 

LASIK patients can expect to experience improved vision and a reduced need for corrective lenses, including glasses and contacts. LASIK is the most common vision correction surgery performed today.

How Long Does the LASIK Procedure Take?

When it comes to the question of how long LASIK lasts, there are two potential answers: first is the length of the procedure, and second is how long LASIK results last. We’ll answer the first question first. In general, laser vision correction takes about half an hour. During the procedure, you can expect to undergo the following steps:

  1. Your eye will be carefully measured.
  2. The FS200 Femtosecond Laser will be used to painlessly create a flap on the surface of your eye.
  3. The EX500 Excimer Laser is used to strategically reduce corneal tissue, correcting issues with the shape of your cornea.
  4. The flap is returned into place to begin healing.
  5. You can expect to see significant improvement in just a few days.

Here at Gelman Vision, we are committed to providing the highest quality procedures to our patients, and that means ensuring the highest level of comfort. 

Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK is a way to permanently correct refractive errors such as issues with distance vision and near vision. If you have blurry vision, LASIK might provide clarity. After undergoing LASIK enhancement surgery, you can expect to have significantly improved vision for years to come. However, it’s important to note that your eyes will still be subject to the same age-related changes as anyone else. Your visual acuity will still degrade with time. 

In other words, the changes made to your eyes during LASIK surgery are permanent, but your eyes may still develop other issues down the line.

How Long Do the Effects of LASIK Last?

There is a common myth that the effects of LASIK only last a few years, but this is far from true. So then, how long does LASIK last? As we explained above, the actual physical effects of LASIK are permanent. However, you may still require a second LASIK procedure later on to correct newly developed vision issues. 

Still, you will have a long time before you need a second treatment. Most patients who undergo LASIK will not need retreatment for at least a decade after their initial procedure. In general, your eye doctor may recommend that you undergo LASIK again if your clearer vision fades.

Is LASIK Worth It?

One of the biggest reasons why patients ask about how long the results of LASIK last is to determine whether or not the cost of the surgery is worth it. LASIK surgery usually isn’t covered by insurance, and it can cost several thousand dollars per eye. However, there are some important reasons why LASIK is with that cost.

First, as we’ve discussed throughout, LASIK is a permanent vision correction solution. That means you won’t need to come back in a few years and pay for touch-up procedures.

Next, the LASIK enhancement procedure can reduce or eliminate your need to wear glasses or contacts. The average daily contact wearer can spend $500 per year on their contact needs. Over the course of ten years, that’s $5,000 in savings.

What Can I Expect from LASIK Surgery?

Before the day of your procedure, you will attend a LASIK  consultation to measure your eye and plan your treatment. During that time, you and your eye doctor will decide whether or not LASIK is the right refractive surgery for you.

After you’ve decided on the right treatment approach, you will schedule your surgery procedure. On the day of your procedure, you will need someone to drive you from your appointment. Don’t wear makeup or contact lenses. Your procedure itself will be painless and should only take about half an hour. After your procedure, your vision may be blurry, and you may experience light sensitivity, dry eye, and soreness. You will need to take special steps to protect your eyes during the healing process.

Get LASIK Surgery in McAllen at Gelman Vision

If you’re tired of wearing reading glasses or contacts, laser vision correction can offer significant improvements. However, LASIK might not be right for everyone. The best way to determine whether or not LASIK can help improve your eyesight is by speaking to an experienced LASIK surgeon.

Here at Gelman Vision, we have extensive experience correcting refractive errors for our patients, and we can help you find clearer vision. Reach out today to schedule your LASIK consultation.

If you’re tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, come see a McAllen eye doctor at Gelman Vision to learn if LASIK is right for you.

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