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Corneal Crosslinking for Keratoconus

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Treating Keratoconus

Corneal Cross-Linking for Your Eye Health

The cornea is important in protecting your eye and allowing light to pass through. But when the cornea becomes weak and thin, it may develop a cone-like bulge that can cause vision loss. If this eye condition isn’t treated early with corneal cross-linking and the condition worsens, a corneal transplant may be needed.

iLink—Treatment for Progressive Keratoconus

At Gelman Vision, you can protect your vision with iLink corneal cross-linking. Our experienced vision care team utilize this innovative therapy to slow or halt the progression of keratoconus using specially formulated eye drops combined with ultraviolet light.

Slows Progression of Keratoconus
FDA Approved Treatment
Eligible for Insurance Reimbursement

Providing a New Standard of Care for Keratoconus at Gelman Vision!

iLink is a minimally invasive procedure that may be able to save you from ever having to undergo a corneal transplant.

  • Builds new collagen cross-links in the cornea
  • Slows or prevents disease progression
  • Strengthens the cornea
  • Thickens collagen fibers

Common Questions About Keratoconus Treatment

Does This Procedure Hurt?

During the treatment, our vision care team uses numbing eye drops to ensure a painless procedure. There may be some discomfort after the procedure, but medication and eye drops can help manage these symptoms.

How Long Should the Procedure Take?

Corneal cross-linking takes about an hour to complete. But you should plan to be at our office for two hours to complete the procedure and the immediate follow-up recovery process before heading home.

Will I Be Awake for the Procedure?

Yes, you will be awake, but medication and numbing eye drops can help you stay relaxed.

Can I Wear My Contact Lenses During the Treatment?

No. Your eye doctor will ask you to stop wearing contact lenses for several weeks before the procedure and up to one month after to allow your eyes to properly heal.

What Is Epithelium and Will It Be Removed?

The epithelium is the outermost layer of your cornea. After the numbing eye drops have done their job, your eye surgeon will remove the epithelium. This helps your eye properly absorb the iLink treatment.