If you’re experiencing something unusual with your eyes, it might be a sign that you should visit your ophthalmologist in McAllen for help.

While some issues are minor and go away on their own, if you experience any of the following symptoms for a prolonged period, you should schedule an appointment to get treatment.

1. Double-Vision

Along with eye problems, double vision can also be a sign of stroke or other serious illnesses. If your double vision appears suddenly or won’t go away, talk to a doctor immediately.

When it comes to eye issues, double vision may be a symptom of astigmatism, dry eye, or keratoconus. You may need to get vision correction or dry eye treatment to get relief.

2. Headaches

We all get headaches sometimes, but persistent headaches are a sign that something is wrong. If you suffer from headaches, especially headaches focused in or behind the eyes, schedule an appointment with your McAllen eye doctor. You may be experiencing eye strain or glaucoma.

3. Blurry Vision

Like headaches, blurry vision is a normal part of life. However, if your blurry vision is worse than usual or won’t go away, it may be a sign of eye issues. You may need vision correction, or you could have a retinal disease, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.

4. Eye Pain

Minor discomfort is often associated with things like getting dust in your eye or minor eye strain, but more significant pain could be a sign of a serious eye issue. If your eyes hurt worse than usual or the pain won’t go away, you could have glaucoma, infections, corneal damage, or a foreign object in your eye. See a McAllen ophthalmologist for eye care.

5. Trouble With Night Vision

Your night vision may be the first thing to go as your vision worsens, so trouble with your night vision can be an early warning sign that something is wrong with your eyes. While worsening night vision is a normal part of getting older, it can also be a symptom of cataracts or macular degeneration.

6. Light Sensitivity

Moving from a dark to a light room is going to cause some discomfort for everyone, but more significant light sensitivity might suggest you have a more serious eye issue. Light sensitivity is often caused by corneal damage, cataracts, and keratoconus. You should see a McAllen eye doctor for help if you’re experiencing light sensitivity that’s worse than usual.

7. Gritty or Dry Eyes

Eyes that are gritty, itchy, or just plain dry may be suffering from dry eyes. Dry eye is a condition in which the eye fails to stay properly lubricated for function. If your eyes are gritty and dry, and eye drops aren’t giving you relief, it might be time to get dry eye treatment from your eye doctors in McAllen, TX.

8. Watery Eyes

While you might expect that gritty eyes are a sign of dry eye, you may be surprised to hear that watery eyes might also be caused by dry eye conditions. Dry eyes can affect the rate at which your eyes produce tears, leading to watery eyes. Eye drops may offer relief, or you may need dry eye treatment from an ophthalmologist.

9. Eye Floaters

Finally, eye floaters are another symptom that most of us experience every now and again. However, if your floaters are larger or more numerous than usual, it might be a sign of a serious eye issue. Floaters and flashing lights are often associated with retinal tears and detachments.

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